Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 Update

Đ•his update was mainly aimed at fixing bugs and improving the game based on players feedbacks. We've also added several new gameplay features to keep you intrigued.

  • And here is the complete list of changes:
  • Refinement of the visual component of the map
  • Improved visuals and mechanics of hide and seek behind curtains
  • Added sounds to the final cutscene
  • Added particle effects when throwing boxes
  • Improved visual effects and sounds when tearing off boards
  • The drone has been removed from the map
  • AI Jump System Optimization
  • AI Behavior Adjustments
  • Fixed being able to go through the boarded up door to the attic
  • Added pushing away items that fall under the feet of the AI
  • Adjustments for mount control animation
  • Code door no longer opens by knocking
  • Fixed game crash when viewing surveillance cameras
  • Fixed hang in display control when falling from a height
  • Fixed key position in oven
  • Fixed playing of generator sounds
  • Added gamma correction at game start

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