Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1 Update

In this update, players will find some bug fixing and new features adding. We fixed switching items in inventory from controller, board getting stuck when tearing off, the possibility of burning an item in the hand in the furnace, and more.

  • The drone is back in the game
  • Improving AI behavior
  • Now you can knock down the Guest with a rope, one end of which is tied, and the other is in your hands
  • Added new behavior and animations for Ginger the cat
  • Menu control tooltip now dynamically switches based on input device (keyboard and mouse / controller)
  • Fixed switching items in inventory from controller
  • Fixed board getting stuck when tearing off
  • Fixed the possibility of burning an item in the hand in the furnace
  • Fixed being able to leave cover while using the display
  • Fixed a window on the second floor, now you can jump into it and jump out of it
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck inside house collisions (walls, floor) after being caught by a Guest
  • Canister now explodes when thrown into a furnace
  • Fixed crash when using rope

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